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100 parking lots are free on site.
5 minutes by car to Okayama station.15 minutes by car to Okayama IC.Please use it as a base for business and sightseeing.
Rich Okayama hotel accommodation plan


Restaurant event information

Bridal Event Information

Room Information

  • Room guide

    A fine space will deliver a superb relaxation.

     In order to make guests feel at ease from the bottom of their heart in a calm atmosphere
     We will be hospitable with warm anxiety.


  • Facility·Services

    Please spend the bliss time echoing the five senses.

     It will be a memorable day that will remain in my heart forever
     We will be happy to help you with the service of Royal Hotel.



  • Banquet·party

     Royal party plan
      Japanese style & Western style mixed dish, A6,500 yen course, B5,500 yen course, C4,500 yen course
      Chinese Food, Orchid 6,500 yen course, Peach 5,500 yen course, Hana 4,500 yen course
      Japanese Food, Pine 6,000 yen course(Descent), Bamboo 5,000 yen course(Descent)
              Kaiseki Meal Plan, 8,000 yen course, Waga plan, 6,000 yen course
      ★All-you-can-drink Plan
        A2,400 yen, B1,700 yen, C2,000 yen, D1,300 yen

Wedding plan

  • Shrine wedding plan, 342,000 yen(tax included)

    We prepared a wedding plan at Kibitsu Shrine, Kibitsuhikono Shrine and Okayama Shrine
    With transfer to the shrine (bus 27 people)
    ※The wedding ceremony at Kibitsu Shrine will be increased by 30,000 yen
    【Plan Details】
    Wedding fee
    One piece of clothing and white gold costume and a beauty dress (traveling fee included)
    Kinship waiting room 1 room
    Studio picture 2 poses 3 volumes

    Hotel Shinto ceremony, 258,000 yen is also available
  • Family meal package plan, 165,000 yen/10 person (tax included)

    Enjoy a special time only for the two of you, with family and relatives just surrounding the dinner together as a report of marriage.And to you thought!
    We prepared the optimum plan
    ☆Cuisine(Japanese Food·Western Food·Japanese style & Western style mix)
    ☆Drinks (beer, soft drinks, sake, shochu, toasts for champagne)
    ☆Kinship waiting room 1 room
    ☆Meal venue room charge
    ☆Table Flower
    ☆Color table cloth·Chair cover
    ☆A seat card
    【Various options available】
    Wedding cake, From 12,000 yen
    Progress moderator, From 25,000 yen
    Bouquet for presents, From 5,000 yen to

traffic guide

  • traffic guide

    【Red line route】
    Approximately 15 minutes on foot from JR Okayama Station

    【Blue line route】
    Approximately 5 minutes by car

    【Orange route】
    About 20 minutes by car from Okayama Airport

    【Green line route】
    About 8 minutes by car from Okayama IC of Sanyo Expressway

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