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Wedding plan

  • Special plan that you can choose according to passion, style and budget
    I will help my two men's departure with my heart's memories of my life.

Wedding plan

  • 【Japanese Wedding plan】

    Kibitsuhikono Shrine·Okayama Shrine : 342,000 yen(Tax·Submission)
    Kibitsu Shrine : 372,000 yen(Tax·Submission)
    Munetada Shrine(Omoto Shrine):322,000 yen(Tax·Submission)
    Hotel Shinmae: 258,000 yen(Tax·Submission)

    【Plan Details】
    "Wedding Fee"
    One stamp dress, one non-dental white costume and beauty dress (including business trip fee)
    Waiting room 1 room·Studio picture 2 poses 3 volumes

    "Wedding attendance fee"
    ※Shrine ⇔ 1 hotel bus(27 people)Pick-up Service Included
  • 【Western wedding plan】

    Public ceremony:330,000 yen(Tax and service included)

    【Plan Details】
    "Wedding Fee"
    Tuxedo 1 point · wedding dress 1 point costumes and beauty dress · 1 room wedding dress
    Studio picture 2 poses 3 volumes

    ※Please use wedding plan together with wedding and dinner plan.

Wedding plan

  • 【Royal wedding pack · 100,000 yen worth optional gift included】

    【30 people, 655,000 yen(Tax·Submission)】
    * 1 additional person, 15,400 yen(Tax·Submission)

    【Pack contents】
    Cuisine·drink·Kinship waiting room 1 room·Banquet room·Attendant
    Raw wedding cake cut·Acoustic lighting fee·operator
    Flower arrangement(Main table · Guest table · Cake flower arrangement)
    Bouquet for presents·chairperson·Invitation·A seat card·His name book
    Georgette · Color Table Cross · Color Nafkin

    【Option contents】
    Design album: From 120,000 yen
    Snapshot: From 60,000 yen
    Memorial movie: from 39,000 yen
    Memorial candle: from 15,000 yen
    Balloon coordination: from 30,000 yen
    Screen projector rental from 50,000 yen
    There are many prepared.

    【In addition, privilege to use pack plan】
    ☆Groom·Bride's stay on that day(Breakfast Included)invitation
    ☆A marriage anniversary commemorative arrangement flower present
    ☆Free access to the shrine and hotel (1 bus)
    ☆Groom·50% discount on additional costumes for brides
    ☆30% discount for the attendee's room charge
  • 【Family meal package plan(Wedding discount coupon special discount privilege)】

    Simply report marriage only with family / relatives
    Please enjoy the dinner as both. And to you thought!
    We prepared the optimum plan.

    10 people/¥ 165,000 (Tax·Sub)
    ※One additional person/¥ 16,000 (Tax·Sub)

    【Plan Details】
    Meal(Western Food/Japanese Food/Japanese style & Western style mix)¥ 10,000(Tax·Another party)
    Drink (beer / juice / oolong tea / Japanese sake / shochu / toast is champagne)
    Relatives waiting room 1 room, Banquet room, Table Flower, Chair cover, Color table cloth, A seat card

    Wedding cake/12,000 yen(Tax·Another party)~
    Progress moderator/25,000 yen(tax excluded)~
    Bouquet for presents/5,000 yen(tax excluded)~
  • 【Photo Wedding plan】

    I do not mention the formula, but to you who think that you want to take only pictures!

    Clothing plan/¥ 138,000 (Tax·Sub)
    Kimono plan/¥ 149,000 (Tax·Sub)

    【Plan Details】
    Bride and groom costumes one by one/A waiting room/2 meals of meal
    Hair makeup/Snap picture spread 3 pages(About 8 cuts)
    ※Location photo is charged separately.