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  • *Lunch buffet information
    *Dinner buffet information
    *Hotel special Osechi cuisine
    *Christmas dinner buffet information
    *New Year buffet information

    *Bridal · Event Information
    *Recommended plan December

    *Information on the Japanese dance classroom

Lunch Buffet · Dinner Buffet

First floor restaurant "Charlotte"

Lunch Buffet

  • Held from Sunday, December 1 to Saturday, December 28

    【time】 11:00 to 15:00(14: 30 Orderstop)
    Over 60 years old ¥ 1,300
    Adult ¥ 1,600
    Elementary school student ¥ 1,100
    Toddler ¥ 900
    Free of charge under 3 years old
              *tax·Service Fee included
Cold dishes·Today's sashimi
·Chinese food appetizer
·small bowl
·Shunbun salad bar
·Ibarune sushi
Warm cooking·Cream potage soup
·beef steak(Tallow beef processed meat)
·Garnish warm vegetables
·Today's recommended dish
·Capricious pasta
·Chicken buckwheat radish
·Deep-fried tofu
·Three Chinese dishes
·Chinese food steamed food
·miso soup
·White rice
Dessert·Seasonal fruit platter
·Various Petit Gato
·Fruit jelly
·Various ice creams
·Fruit cocktail
drinkOrange juice · Calpis · Gingeraire
Coffee·Black tea·cappuccino·cocoa

About 20 other types are all-you-can-drink!
·The menu may be changed depending on the seasonal ingredients.
·Weekends and holidays are very crowded, so please make a reservation.

Buffet Dinner

  • Held from Sunday, December 1 to Saturday, December 28,※Excluding 23, 24 and 25 days

    【time】 17: 00-21: 00(20: 30 Orderstop)
    60 y.o. and Older, ¥ 2,000
    Adult ¥ 2,400
    Elementary school-aged children, ¥ 1,400
    Toddler ¥ 1,000
    Under 3 years old, Free
            *tax·Service Fee included

Large popular stall corner

Cold dishes·Today's sashimi
·Chinese food appetizer
·Shunbun salad bar
Warm cooking·Cream potage soup
·Weekly dishes
·Recommended dishes
·Capricious pasta
·Pumpkin boiled in savory
·Shaanxi Saikyo
·Charlotte special curry
·Variety of Tenchukuro
·Three Chinese dishes
·Chinese food steamed food
·Warm udon
·miso soup
·White rice
·Healthy rice

【Street corner】
 ·beef steak
 ·Natural Fried Potato
 ·Nigiri sushi
Dessert·Seasonal fruit platter
·Various Petit Gato
·Fruit cocktail
·Cup dessert
·Dim sum
·Various ice creams
drinkSoft drinks and hot drinks etc.
We have about 20 kinds of all you can drink.

1 person plus 1,800 yen and 30 kinds of alcoholic beverages 90 minutes 90 minutes drunk drink
·We may change menu contents depending on seasonal ingredients.
·Weekends and holidays are very crowded, so please make a reservation.

Hotel special Osechi cuisine-a celebration of the New Year-

  • ※Reservations are accepted until December 26 (Thu)
    ※Delivery is from 11:00 to 16:00 on Tuesday, December 31
    At restaurant Charlotte first floor
  • Single, ¥ 15,000 (tax included)

    coming soon ...
  • Three-stage weight, ¥ 33,000 (tax included)

    coming soon ...

Christmas dinner buffet

  • December 25(Month)~ 25 days (water)
    time, 17: 00-21: 00 (Order stop 20: 30)

    Charge, 60 y.o. and Older, 3,000 yen
        Adult(s), 3,500 yen
        Elementary school-aged children,   2,000 yen
        Infants,     1,000 yen
        Under 3 years old, Free
  • 〈Cold dishes〉
    Sashimi platter·Smoked chicken salad·Boiled duck roast·
    Chinese food appetizer·Fresh salad bar·Pickles

    〈Warm cooking〉
    Cream potage soup·Grilled balsamic chicken·Pork cutlet genoa sauce
    Bucket Mentaiko Pizza·Capricious pasta·Charlotte special curry
    Salmon roasted with Saikyo·Pumpkin boiled in savory·Variety of Tenchukuro
    Prawn chili sauce·sweet and sour pork·Mabo tofu·Chinese food steamed food
    Warm udon·miso soup·rice·Healthy rice·Various bread

    Seasonal fruit platter·Fruit cocktail·Various Petit Gato
    Cup dessert·Japanese confectionery·Dim sum·Various ice creams

    〈Corner food〉
    beef steak·Natural Fried Potato·Nigiri sushi

    All-you-can-drink about 20 types of soft drinks and hot drinks

    ※The menu may change depending on the seasonal ingredients.

New Year Buffet Information

  •  Ordinance January 1, 2(water)~ 5 days (Day)

     ★Lunch Buffet, 11:00 to 15:00 (Orderstop 14: 30)
     Adult(s), 2,200 yen
     60 y.o. and Older,      1,800 yen
     Elementary school-aged children, 1,400 yen
     Infants, 900 yen
     Under 3 years old, Free

     ★Buffet Dinner, 17: 00-21: 00 (Order stop 20: 30)
     Adult(s),  3,200 yen
     60 y.o. and Older,      2,600 yen
     Elementary school-aged children,   1,700 yen
     Infants,     1,000 yen
     Under 3 years old, Free

     ※It will be a regular buffet from January 6th (Monday).

Bridal · Event Information


  • We will arrange for wedding shrine only.
    Please contact us.
  • 〈December bridal dinner meeting〉

    December 1, 2019(Day)·29th (Day)
     10:00 to 18:00

    There is a venue coordination display
    * Lunch after bridal consultation in the morning, or consultation after lunch
    Either way is OK, please call me!

    ☆Visiting benefits, Petite gift gift
    ☆Contract Award, Wedding cuisine free tasting(2 People)

    ★Please visit us after making a reservation★

    相 We can also consult wedding shrine wedding ceremony! A(A>A<A).✧ ♡

Dinner consultation only for relatives · Papa mama wedding consultation meeting (with lunch)

  • December 1, 2019(Day)·29th (Day)
          10:00 to 18:00
    Those who think about a dinner party only for your relatives.
    If you are pregnant, would like to have a wedding with your child.
    We propose weddings tailored to each style!
    Please contact us!

    ★Please visit us after making a reservation★

    ★Even day other than bridal consultation, you can consult at any time.
    Please contact us.
    Telephone (086) 254-1151, until the bridal division (9: 00-19: 00)

Recommended plan December, Shrine Expression plan + Family Meal Package plan

  • Shrine plan, 342,000 yen(tax included)+ Meeting plan(10 people), 165,000 yen (tax included)

    After the wedding ceremony at an old Yukashiki Okayama Shrine such as Kibitsuhikono Shrine and Okayama Shrine
    It's a family meal.
    After dressing at the hotel, go to the shrine by bus, after wedding, again by bus
    Change to the hotel, dinner together

    【Plan Details】
    ☆Shrine wedding fee 100,000 yen
    ☆Groom(Stamp dress)bride(Pure white)Clothing one by one
    ☆Dressing hair makeup + wedding attendant included
    ☆waiting room (2 rooms)
    ☆Group photo + 2 pictures, 3 books set
    ☆Meals for 10 people
    ☆Drink (Beer, soft drinks, sake, shochu, toasts, champagne)
    ☆Table Flower·A seat card·Table color cross·Chair cover

    ※28 buses to the shrine, free transfer
    ※One meal supplement 15,000 yen (tax included)

To Japanese Tradition, Japanese Dance Experience Course! , ~ Japanese culture experience at Okayama Royal Hotel ~

  • Please enjoy kimono dressing Japanese dance experience at Okayama Royal Hotel.
    You can tell me a young Japanese Dancer Wakayanagi Keika!
    (You can also visit!)
Date and timeDecember 27(Money)·28th day (soil)
LocationOkayama Royal Hotel
2-4 Ezu Town Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
TEL: 086-255-1111 FAX: 086-254-0777
Toll-free: 0120-115549
About 15 minutes on foot and about 5 minutes by car from JR Okayama Station West Exit.
BelongingsA set of Yukata that you have (If you do not have one please contact us)
ageRegardless of gender (reservation required)
Contact Information090-1611-9894
cost4,000 yen
A wordInstead of introductory to suddenly ...
We can tell you a story such as Japanese dance story variously, so please take this opportunity, please!

Wakayanagi, Keika

Wakayanagi, Keika, Japanese dance class

  • Why do not you feel free to start Japanese beauty and Japanese dance?

    If "Japanese dance" is said to be high, the threshold is hard to understand, and there is not a difficult image to enter.In this classroom, do not hesitate to ask anything you do not understand.There is no hardship, the classroom is also a pleasant atmosphere.

    Basically it is an individual lesson, so neither the first nor the one learned a long time ago, neither age nor gender is questionable.From novice to full-scale classical Japanese dance, kindly polite instruction.
    Beginners are welcome.
  • Lecturer Profile

    Wakayanagi Keika(Real name: Koiwa, Chikako)
    Father · Wakayanagi Kichisanji was born as the Wakayanagi Kichisanji three girls.From young age Hoo by grandfather · Hoo, Father · Kichisanji.
    Maternal uncle is Ichiyamaryu Soke Mr. Ichiyama Shuou.Ichimoto is the oldest son of Shoto and Ichiyama Shosen that is a cousin.
    Keikanokai/Hosted by Kanokai·Jonan Block Committee of Japan Dance Association·Member of Creative Dance Theater·Japanese dance 21 Associate Member·Executive Committee of Creative Free-market

    Leader Award Winner
    the year of 2000, 2001, 2002 Japan Dance Sanrio Junior Contest Excellence Leader Award 2006, 2007 National Dance Competition Excellence Leader Award
    【Contact us·Application】
    Okayama Royal Hotel Front Desk/TEL: 086-255-1111